We are the laboratory for emergent phenomena and technology in the optical sciences,  Mikael C. Rechtsman’s research group in the physics department of the Pennsylvania State University. Our research spans complex, nonlinear and quantum optics at the interface between emergent fundamental physics and optical device applications.  Details about our research group can be found by clicking on the tabs above.

Recent news:

  • Mikael has been awarded the Packard Fellowship.
  • Mikael has been awarded the Kaufman foundation New Investigator award.
  • Our paper on the observation of optical Weyl points has been published in Nature Physics.
  • We’ve observed Weyl points for the first time in optics!
  • Mikael’s editorial for the New Journal of Physics special focus issue on topological physics has been published.
  • Undergraduate student Siv Zamani is joining our group! Welcome Siv.
  • Graduate student Jonathan Guglielmon is joining our group! Welcome Jonathan.
  • Our paper (work in collaboration with the CUDOS group in Sydney and Moti Segev’s group in Haifa) “Topological Optical Waveguiding in Silicon and the Transition between Topological and Trivial Defect States” has been accepted to Physical Review Letters.
  • Our paper (work in collaboration with Moti Segev’s group in Haifa) “Topological Photonic Quasicrystals: Fractal Topological Spectrum and Protected Transport” has been published in Physical Review X.
  • Mikael has been named a 2016 Kavli Fellow of the National Academy of Sciences.
  • Mikael has been awarded a 2016 Alfred P. Sloan Foundation fellowship.
  • Yuezhou (Ted) Liu has been awarded the Erickson Discovery Grant for summer research in 2015. Congrats Ted!

Image credit: S. Stutzer